Exceptional Service and Customer Focus! If you're looking for a company that truly goes above and beyond for its clients, look no further than Muse Solutions. For my nonprofit startup, I recently had the pleasure of working with Wendy to get t-shirts printed with our logo, and the experience was outstanding. From the get-go, Wendy took the time to understand my specific needs and walked me through every step of the process. She provided multiple color options, logo sizing suggestions, and invaluable guidance that other companies simply don't offer. Her level of attentiveness and willingness to ensure I LOVED the shirts was truly remarkable. I cannot recommend Muse Solutions highly enough!

  • Kelly Werner
  • Mission Single

Amazing group....always the first to bring new an exciting things to the market. Not just promo's, actually things of value that our clients continue to ask for. Always right, always on time. Thanks for partnering with NRG/Reliant.

  • Joe Kaye

I've had the pleasure of knowing Wendy for quite some time, and was lucky to work with her as she launched her business. She is honest, trustworthy and a savvy business lady. Wish I was still working with her and the team!

  • Amanda Holmes Zinsmeyer

I had the opportunity to train and learn under Wendy and her team for five and a half years. The confidence and leadership I gained from that time has served me well.

  • Courtney Buck Reynolds

I have worked with Wendy and Muse Solutions on a couple different projects. I appreciated the knowledge of my industry, the creative instruction and training, as well as their attention to detail. I would definitely highly recommend Wendy and Muse Solutions!!

  • Carrie White Rowley

I've worked with Muse numerous times over the past few years and they have always exceeded my expectations. The team is creative, reliable and turns things around quickly. I have often come to them with "last minute" type projects on really short deadlines and they have always come through for me. I would, hands down, recommend Muse Solutions for your marketing needs!

  • Karen Kossow

For eight years I was very fortunate to have Wendy as my right hand in training, marketing and keeping us current on the latest trends in software and technology for the multifamily industry. During that time at Tarragon, we outpaced our competition in NOI growth and repeatedly hit top rankings in our property shopping scores. I continue to go to Wendy for brainstorming ideas and finding solutions to challenges in that arena. High energy, goal oriented with an eye on ROI, Wendy can implement a leasing, marketing or educational program, which will result in a creative and successful conclusion!

  • Eileen A. Swenson, CPM
  • President, TRIO Properties, LLC

It has been my pleasure to be able to say that I've worked alongside Wendy on several high-profile projects over the years, specifically and most notably the creation and implementation of a very technical on-line environmental training program for more than 600 employee's nation wide. Wendy is skilled at bringing the right team together to tackle any challenge an organization may face. She has led the initiatives necessary to transform our marketing materials and website design that has allowed our firm to build our brand and online identity to meet our business objectives. Simply put –Wendy is the most imaginative, passionate, resourceful and creative individual who continually strives to break out of established patterns in order to maintain fresh dynamic results. It has truly been an amazing and wonderful experience to work with Wendy, and I hope we have the opportunity to continue working together for many years to come.

  • Al Ferranti, RPA
  • Principal, Global Green Property Solutions

Thanks again for all your help with getting our printed collateral delivered to all our properties on time and making sure we have the latest greatest promotional items that market our properties to our clients! Your attention detail is amazing. We consistently receive excellent customer service and appreciate all that you do for us.

  • Jose Quintana

Thanks so much, we appreciate all your help!!! Have an awesome day!!!!

  • Toria
  • Madison Chase Apartments